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Components repairs

With the professional technicians we have, we are not only able to install and upgrade the aircraft systems but also, we can provide you the fastest and the most reliable component repair. Engineering Solution is expert in repairing Avionics equipment and also many types of electro-mechanical parts in your aircraft. Our experts are able to… Read More »Components repairs

Light Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

We are working on a UAV with 300 mm wingspan for commercial uses. The two-stroke piston engine give the UAV a 3 hour flight endurance. The UAV can carry a 5-kg payload. The UAV flight endurance & payload capacity makes it ideal for mapping, surveillance and scientific purposes.

Aircraft Painting

Experienced aircraft owners absolutely know that the most important function of aircraft paint is to protect the underlying aircraft parts from the ravages of time and weather. Engineering Solution have its own painting shop to offer personalized, high quality painting service, which can satisfy every aircraft owner. The old paint is completely striped off carefully… Read More »Aircraft Painting

Engine maintenance and repair

Engineering Solution is a professional maintenance service center for a wide range of piston engines. We can service your single-engine and multi-engine aircraft from all major aircraft manufacturers (Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Antonov and …). Engineering Solution can do your piston aircraft engine maintenance with the best quality. Our technicians are highly experienced and known for their… Read More »Engine maintenance and repair

Airframe structure repair

Regardless of the cause of damage (corrosion, erosion, normal stress, and accidents), Engineering Solution team offers all kind of airframe maintenance and repair solutions. With the great experience of our professional team, we offer you the needed maintenance to ensure your aircraft have safe and trouble-free operation. We know that, your aircraft is an investment, and… Read More »Airframe structure repair

About us

OP Engineering registered as Engineering solution company provides maintenance, repair, inspection and upgrade for a wide range of western and eastern light piston engine aircrafts. We can conduct all your aircraft’s scheduled maintenances & our experienced team of mechanics can guarantee your safety. We offer you a two-way transportation service.  You fly in with your own… Read More »About us