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Avionics installation, repair and upgrades

Engineering Solution offer a high standard service and support for the aircraft avionic needs, from repairing the old equipment to installing new and refurbished ones. We are ready to provide the best solutions regarding your needs.

Our expert avionics team is confident about installing and servicing a full spectrum of avionics including: ADS-B, FANS, EFIS, TCAS, TAWS, EGPWS, WAAS GPS / FMS, RVSM, Broadband, Wi-Fi, SATCOM, Weather avoidance systems, 3-D synthetic vision systems, Airborne satellite telephones, Cabin entertainment video/audio systems.

In an effort to increase air traffic safety, ICAO is moving towards automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADSB) and there is a planned mandate to equip the aircrafts with this technology. we can give you the right consultation if your aircraft is needed to upgrade and we are ready to install the needed transponder.

If you need any additional information, call one of our knowledgeable avionics’ installation sales reps for information, quotes or scheduling.